Europe is the perfect place to spend time with the person you love. Locations here offer old-world romance, luxurious service, lavish aesthetics, culture and comfort. You could have a romantic week in Paris, relax in the tranquil Greek isles or stay in a centuries-old castle in Scotland.

  1. Castle vacation, Scotland

    Ham it up in a centuries old castle during your honeymoon in Scotland. There’s self-catering accommodation, quaint locations and plenty of options to hunker in by the fire or take wonderful strolls out in the countryside.

  2. A week in Paris

    The romantic city in the world is the ultimate destination for the honeymooning couple. Sip coffee on Paris sidewalks, stroll along the Seine arm in arm, have a kiss under the Eiffel Tower – there’s plenty of cliché things to do here with your loved one.

  3. Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

    Here you can find all the passion of the Andalucian state without the price tag of Seville. There’s a 12th-century fortress for atmosphere, sherry bodegas, famed dancing horses and it’s also where flamenco singing began. Neighborhoods pulse with gypsy guitar and local flamenco clubs have free entry. So enjoy a bit of dancing to spice up your honeymoon.

  4. Lesbos, Greece

    This is the place for a Greek vacation away from the maddening crowds. There are wild mountains, hot springs, pink flamingoes, ouzo distilleries and fishing boats. And the sapphire colored Aegean is never too far away.

  5. Ski at Gstaad, Switzerland

    This fairy tale resort is ideal for those looking for a honeymoon during winter where they can cozy up at night in a chalet and enjoy a bit of adventure during the day.

  6. Monte Carlo, France

    For a honeymoon with a bit of glamour visit Monte Carlo to play roulette, sip champagne with the yacht owners or ham it up in any number of glitzy restaurants and cafes.

  7. Algarve coast, Portugal

    Stay in a white washed villa or hotel on the gorgeous coastline of the Algarve in summer or winter. There’s plenty of fine dining to be had from the sardines on the sea front to fresh wines and steak in the restaurants. Wander through cobbled streets, stroll the beaches and kick back on your balcony to watch the sun set together.

  8. Sicily, Italy

    Your honeymoon on this romantic isle off the mainland won’t be spoiled by Mafia worries, trust us. It’s a real jewel for honeymooners with such elegant choices as Taormina where you can breakfast in style with a view overlooking Mt Etna, in romantic towns such as Syracuse or Ragusa or on the magnificent Aeolian Islands where you can stay in a villa, laze on beaches and take sedate island strolls.

  9. Villa, Tuscany

    There’s nothing more romantic than renting your own villa in the Tuscan countryside and waking up to views of vineyards, olive groves and medieval church spires. The most you’ll have to worry about is what time to get coffee and where to have dinner.

  10. Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

    Sail along the gorgeous Dalmatian Coast slipping ashore for wine, food, song and merriment then escape back to the yacht to swim in private bays and utter relaxation.