"Aruba Divi Tree - Eagle Beach" by Serge Melki via Flickr Creative Commons

North America is home of the mega resort atmosphere which can be found everywhere from Mexico to Florida. Still, it is hard to ignore the…

North America is home of the mega resort atmosphere which can be found everywhere from Mexico to Florida. Still, it is hard to ignore the fantastic white sands and year round warm weather of many of these locations. If you look hard enough you still might be able to find a few tiny beaches still undiscovered by the mass crowds. Almost every Caribbean island has a paradisiacal beach, while the United States and Mexico has some of the most classic and historic.

  1. Lanikai, Oahu Hidden away in a little known eastern corner of Oahu sits the crystal water and empty white sands of this idyllic Hawaiian hamlet. While others are stuck in the hordes at Waikiki, you’ll be enjoying the pristine natural environment along with the Victoria Secret swimsuit shoots that occasionally take place here.
  2. South Beach, Florida A posh Latino vibe runs heavy at this chic beach lined with some of Miami’s hottest clubs, cool boutique hotels, and dozens of trendy restaurants.
  3. Aruba Aruba’s white sandy beaches frequented by honeymooners and jetsetters are idyllic in every way, especially Palm Beach, considered one of the top beaches in the world by many.
  4. The Bahamas Just off of Florida, this US Commonwealth has what many believe is the clearest water in the world. Whether you stick to the resorts and casinos around Nassau or venture to one of the lesser known islands and islets you really can’t go wrong.
  5. Molokai, Hawaii Remote caves, waterfalls, hidden valleys, islets, and the tallest sea cliffs in the world make are only part of the north coast of Molokai’s wild enchantment.
  6. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Twenty six miles of wide white sands and coral filled crystalline waters are just part of the enigma that is Puerto Vallarta. Onshore you’ll find charming colonial architecture and posh resorts, as well as palapa restaurants.
  7. San Diego, California The active beach communities lining San Diego’s beautiful shoreline are one of the defining elements of life here. Whether you surf, jog, rollerblade, dive, sail, or just want some R&R, San Diego has your number.
  8. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Fourteen million annual tourists can’t be wrong. A classic American family beach destination with more than 60 miles of sand.
  9. Gold Coast, Barbados Mile upon mile of white sandy beaches and turquoise waters are backed by some of the most exclusive resorts in the Caribbean here. With names like Paradise Beach what else could you expect?
  10. Cancun, Mexico Cancun has become party central for North American spring breakers and sun seekers of all sorts. The Americanized strip continues to lure in heavy crowds year round, while the beaches further south on the Mayan Riviera are more luxurious and pristine.

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