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Vacation packages at beach resorts are overwhelming. Almost every beach resort around the world has some sort of discount for a week long stay, and package operators have can combine everything from flights, accommodation, rental car, food, activities, and tours. Your budget and the location are your biggest choices when choosing a tour. The more isolated the location; chances are the pricier it is to reach. Your comfort level is important as well. Many fishermen are content with staying in basic cabins or lodges with minimal amenities, eating simple food, and a guide that may not even speak the same language. Be sure to have a written contract stating everything included in your package.

All inclusive stays at beach resorts are common. All inclusive means simply everything is included. Well, almost everything. This means your lodging, food and sometimes drinks and activities depending on your package. There are many pluses to all-inclusive vacations. Many prefer them because they don’t have to think about where to eat and how much costs are adding up. They can often eat and drink as much as they want. They just have one price and they know what it is before the trip, so don’t have to worry so much about breaking their budget.

Many dislike all inclusive vacation packages because they do like to be more independent and like to eat out at different restaurants in the area. They don’t like to be tied to the dining schedule of the resort and prefer to search around for niche activities and tours. Some may not need to eat three times a day or drink alcohol, so they could be wasting much of the bonuses of all inclusive packages.

Suggested Tour Operators

Costa Rica Expeditions (, Tel. +506-257-0766)
One of the largest tour operators in Latin America, specializing in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Combine beach stays with trips to national parks and wildlife watching all over Central America.

Do-it-yourself options

One of the best thing about beaches are that usually they can be enjoyed for free and without the complications of hotels, airlines, and tours. Many of the best beaches have no prerequisites. You can just drive or walk up to the water and jump in. If it is an isolated site the beachgoer must be prepared to rough it. They need maps and the know how to find equipment and supplies. They need to carry their own gear, tent, and food. They need bug spray and first aid. Often they must get permission from the government to visit a site or be prepared to get turned away.

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