"Panoramica Dubrovnik" by Victor via Flickr Creative Commons

If glitz and glam are what you are after look no further than the beaches of the Mediterranean. These classical beach destinations are lined with casinos and castle like hotels and posh resorts frequented by royalty. From the French and Italian Rivieras to tiny sun soaked islands, all have great food and surreal atmospheres that have been attracting beach goers for centuries. Nude beaches are common across the continent as well.

  1. Tenerife, Canary Islands Tenerife is a favorite retreat for Brits and Europeans who flock to the man made and natural black sand volcanic beaches that dominate the Canaries.
  2. Corfu, Greece Corfu’s sandy bays and rocky coves frequented by yachties and vacationers searching for the perfect Mediterranean island.
  3. Corsica, France More than 600 miles of Italian speaking coastline, rocky coves, turquoise waters, great food, and a sexy, flashy, French atmosphere make Napoleon’s birthplace one of Europe’s best vacation retreats.
  4. Dubrovnik, Croatia The Pearl of the Adriatic is one of the most charming beach resorts that you probably have never heard of. Classic European ambiance without the high prices.
  5. Sardinia, Italy The orange-pink granite Costa Smeralda is lined with the villas of the rich and famous while inshore passages are as calm as the water is blue.
  6. Costa del Sol, Spain From Marbella to Gibralter, this stretch of warm water and white sand is overdeveloped, but still on of the country’s best retreats for a classy Mediterranean getaway.
  7. Ibiza, Spain This Balearic Island is Europe’s answer to Spring Break, but year round. With cheap flights from across the continent and hordes of young people indulging in sun, sex, and alcohol. Try tiny Minorca for more relaxation.
  8. Terracina, Italy Just south of Rome sits the Italian mainland’s best beach. It has a fun beach vibe with lots of bars and restaurants and tiny B&B’s.
  9. Algarve, Portugal Portugal’s southernmost region was once filled with sleepy fishing villages, but has since come alive at beaches such as Lagos, Faro, Odemira, Cove, and Vila Nova De Milfontes.
  10. Cannes, France This resort on the Côte d’Azur has miles of sandy beaches and once a year plays host to the Hollywood Crowd for the Cannes Film Festival. Nearby nice attracts more visitors and has larger beaches, but little Cannes still wins the gold medal.

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