"Asilah" by Mer S via Flickr Creative Commons

Africa and the Middle East are not usually what you think of when planning a beach vacation, but have a look around and you will find more than a continents share of friendly sands. From exclusive island hideaways to huge public beaches near modern metropolises, Africa’s beach scene is just waiting to be explored.

  1. Seychelles Islands This beach and diving paradise in the Indian Ocean is Africa’s best kept secret. Celebrities like Paul McCartney are just some of the initial visitors to the posh resorts, but many others are catching wind.
  2. Red Sea, Egypt This ancient waterway is marked by extremely warm water, few waves, and a vibrant coral reef. After a few days tramping around the pyramids, a stay at a chic resort here is a must.
  3. Mdumbe Beach, South Africa Durban’s Mdumbe is one of the most desolate beaches on the entire continent, but once you get there you may not ever leave. Plus, the 0.6 mile long beach on the Wild Coast near Coffee Bay rarely sees a visitor.
  4. Asilah, Morocco Morocco’s north Atlantic coastline is home to Asilah, perhaps the most unhurried and most relaxed place in all of Northern Africa.
  5. Mauritius This country made up of four main islands and 22 untouched others just north of the Tropic of Capricorn. This is one of the Indian Ocean’s secret getaways.
  6. Mediterranean Coast, Tunisia Just a two hour flight from Paris takes you to one of the best coastlines on the Mediterranean, not to mention Roman ruins and breathtaking Islamic-Arabic architecture.
  7. Camps Bay, South Africa The rich and famous fill the sands of Camps Bay. Back dropped by the Twelve Apostles, a series of mountain peaks, and only ten minutes from Cape Town.
  8. Zanzibar, Tanzania Twenty five or so pristine Indian Ocean beaches with crystalline water, a few even more unspoiled atolls nearby, and a diverse mix of culture make this one of Africa’s favorite retreat. The original spice island.
  9. Kokrobite, Ghana Well off the beaten track and virtually unknown to tourists, Ghana’s Kokrobite 15.5 miles west of Accra. There won’t be any crowds, just a few small hotels and beachside bars.
  10. Barra, Mozambique Affordable accommodations and cheap diving make this little known beach town a favorite amongst backpackers, locals, and Mozambique’s elite.

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