"Tokyo" by B Lucava via Flickr Creative Commons

Asia tends to be quite relaxed in regards its pet rules and regulations, perfect for the traveling four-footed friend. Some hotels accept dogs including some rather luxurious options in Malaysia, national parks are usually open in China and there’s plenty of grooming services to be had in the Philippines. Or you could purchase some pets in some of the great animal markets of the world, particularly in Hong Kong.

  1. Birds, Hong Kong If you have a feathered friend the place to take him or her is the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden. The Bird Garden is a gathering place for Hong Kong’s songbird owners where they can enjoy all kinds of comforts. Some are placed in intricately crafted cages and left to sing in trees or fed nutritious grasshoppers or crickets.
  2. Tokyo, Japan The Japanese are really into pooches. There are pet cafes that welcome dogs complete with imitation garden décor and menus designed specifically for dogs, plenty of pet stores, veterinary facilities and even a pet park called Dog Run-Do.
  3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia There are a number of hotels in the national capital that cater for dogs. “Puppy Cottage” is well regarded as the best five star dog hotel in town where grooming services are available upon request. Or stay at Kargo that can cater anything from a mouse to a horse. The there’s De’ Ritz Pet Hotel for cats and dogs in Petaling Jaya which offers 5-star pet services.
  4. India Cruise on over to India in style on the Queen Mary 2 which provides luxury accommodations for pets. Leave your dog or cat in the care of a kennel master when you go ashore into India’s markets and crowded streets. Then return to play Frisbee, do daily walks on board and enjoy the amenities.
  5. Goldfish Market, Hong Kong If you want a goldfish the market at Bute St and Tung Choi is the place to buy it. The Chinese favor goldfish, which is supposed to add to the feng shui or harmonious balance of a home or office. The goldfish at this market are an incredible mix of the common and exotic. The street is almost one long aquarium where you can come to watch, buy or admire the tank occupants.
  6. China China says Ni Hao to its pet travelers as well as the human ones. There is a 30-day quarantine period but this can be undertaken in your new residence. Then rent a bicycle and tour the great cities with your pooch in the basket or visit any number of national parks where there are few restrictions. Animals frequently travel on public transport with their owners in China also.
  7. Philippines Dogs are a popular household pet in the Philippines and as shopping is almost the national pastime, the two loves have been blended into all stop shopping experiences. Understandably these have become popular with pet owners in Manila. These pet malls feature a veterinary clinic, pet shops with products such as pet food and even a parlor for pet grooming services. You can check your pet in for a service while you do the shopping. Or if you’re interested in picking up a pet go to Pasay Cartimar market.
  8. Bangkok, Thailand The Buddhist Thais are very passive towards animals, and animals roam through the cities and towns freely. If you have a pet conscience check out the Soi Dogs association in Bangkok that helps and treats stray animals. Otherwise take your pup to the Petropolis Park, one of the few parks in Bangkok a pet can roam free. If they are tired check them into the Petropolitan Hotel for some pampering. There’s also a restaurant, pet store and spa.
  9. Mongolia If you live in Mongolia you can adopt any number of stray or dumped dogs or get one of the cute sheep dogs from herder families, although these are ferociously territorial when they are older. Dogs are well regarded in Mongolia and can be taken almost anywhere so if you’re hiking, camping or touring simply pack up Fido and head off.
  10. St Petersburg, Russia Go to the Polyustrovskiy Market on Saturday and Sundays when it becomes anything that’s related to pets and pet supplies. The market is outdoors but you can still find tropical fish, parrots, turtles, canaries, gerbils, Chihuahuas and more.

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