Why SPOT Messenger is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Finding just the right thing for adventurous types can be a struggle. Whether it’s for a birthday, a holiday or some other occasion, tracking down the perfect gift for the skier, sailor or hiker in your life can be daunting. Luckily, there’s a new device out there that is sure to simplify your gift-giving by a considerable degree. The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger is the hottest device for today’s intrepid, active adventurers. SPOT lets people stay in touch with loved ones with ease; more importantly, it makes it easy for them to summon help, even if they’re out in the middle of nowhere.

Make Boating Safer with SPOT

The vast majority of cell phones quit working when you’re out to sea. If you know someone who goes boating on a regular basis, they are sure to appreciate the SPOT. It boasts an easy-to-use design that includes easy access to various messaging functions. This unique satellite GPS messenger allows boaters to send pre-determined messages to a list of friends and family members, even while they’re sailing.

Enhance the Hiking Experience

Like most hikers, your friend probably likes to know where he’s been. Relying on a basic map to chronicle one’s journey is often an imperfect solution. The better way to go is to use SPOT’s “Track Progress” feature to see where you’ve been. “Track Progress” automatically updates your location on Google Maps™ allowing your contact to track a virtual breadcrumb trail of your progress in near real time. At the end of a hiking adventure, your friend will be able to see exactly where he’s been. This will allow him to make more specific notes, blog posts and other chronicles of his journey.

Stay Safe on the Slopes

If you have a friend or other loved one who loves hitting the slopes, it’s only natural to worry about his or her safety. While they’re off on an exciting skiing adventure, you’re home feeling extremely worried. By giving the gift of the SPOT, you’ll be able to keep track of where your loved one is, even while he’s enjoying a far-flung skiing vacation. You’ll love the reassurance that SPOT brings to the table with the ability to send Check-in/OK messages.

Whether out sailing, skiing or hiking, the adventurer in your life puts himself in danger wherever he goes. When he’s in especially remote areas, calling for help can be a hit-or-miss proposition. The SPOT, though, makes it easy to access emergency services whenever they are needed. Sometimes, a person might need assistance but isn’t in a true life-or-death situation; SPOT’s “help” feature can be used to alert others that help is needed, but that the situation isn’t dire. When something truly life threatening occurs, local rescue agencies can be called for instantly.

Brighten Up Someone’s Holiday

As more and more adventurers buy the SPOT, it’s becoming much more well-known and popular. Still, there’s a good chance that the traveler in your life doesn’t own one yet. What better way to brighten up his holidays than with this exquisite device? It’s important to note, too, that the SPOT’s about more than just staying safe; it’s designed with fun and entertainment in mind, too. A thriving online community revolves around the SPOT. Your friend can plug into that community to get even more out of this truly useful and unique GPS messenger.

A Gift for You and Them

The beautiful thing about the SPOT is that it’s not just useful for the adventurer in your life - it provides great benefits for you, too! Whether you’re a worried parent or a friend who likes to stay in touch, the SPOT will ease both situations. While your friend revels in the knowledge that he can summon emergency assistance when and if they are needed, you’ll love the fact that you can keep track of how he is faring during his trip. For that reason alone, putting SPOT on the top of your Christmas list is a smart move.