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Forget the Castles: Fussen’s Hiking Trails are the Real Treasure

Flanked by some of Europe’s most famous castles and nestled at the base of the Alps, Fussen, Germany is no stranger to tou...

South America

You Must See: Valley of the Moon in Bolivia

You don’t have to become an astronaut to walk on the surface of the moon. Instead, you can walk on solid, extraterrestrial...


Japan's Surprising Adventure Scene

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Epic Iceland: Why Its National Parks Are Mind-Blowing Musts

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Water is a Way of Life in Central Texas

It’s typically said that oil and water don’t mix, but somehow, the state of Texas has plenty of both. Despite being located nowhere near a coast, water in the Lone Star State is both a vital resource and a major source of outdoor recreation.

West Virginia

Almost Heaven: Fall Adventures in the Mountain State

Growing up in West Virginia, I spent summers wading in cool, clear rivers, walking along mountain trails under the shady c...

West Virginia

5 Must-Have Adventures in West Virginia

Country roads can do more than take you home. In West Virginia, they can also can lead you to a dizzying array of heart pu...


Bend, Oregon is for Ale and Adventure Addicts

After a day of playing in the mountains, manning rock faces that reach up to the sky, and snowboarding down some of the be...