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The Charming Islands of Bocas del Tora

Many individuals that venture to Central America say that one of the most charming is the archipelago Bocas del Tora, or B...


Get One With Nature at the Beautiful Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge

Despite the area’s history as a U.S. Army bombing range during World War II, today the refuge is a beautiful site with abo...


Add it to The List: the Minnesota Boundary Waters

The Boundary Waters. Boundary to what? Are we going to fall off the earth? As ominous sounding as Minnesota’s flagship wat...

South America

Where to go in Patagonia: Nature's Last Remaining Frontier

One of the last remaining unspoiled natural areas on Earth, Patagonia is an outdoor lover’s paradise and has all the makin...


Tree Climbing Lions of the Moremi Game Reserve

It is not abnormal to find cats climbing into trees. It is however fairly unusual to see lions lounging in the trees. Like all other cats they use their claws to help them scale tree trunks while climbing into the branches of a tree, however their size often makes scaling a tree a challenge or impossible. Our partners at Chief's Camp in Botswana shared with us these fun photos of lions relaxing in the trees of the Moremi Game Reserve. Their experts are speculating that the lions are climbing ...

United States

The Top 5 National Parks in America

There’s really nothing quite like the US National Park system. Long dubbed “America’s best idea,” there are 397 national p...


Sustainable Travel Tips: What You Can Do to Lessen your Impact

The phrase “I’m on vacation” has long been used as an excuse to do things you would otherwise feel guilty for in your ever...

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Unique Volunteer Trips

Even if you have just two weeks of vacation a year, put them toward something that will make you feel good for a lifetime....