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South America

Where to go in Patagonia: Nature's Last Remaining Frontier

One of the last remaining unspoiled natural areas on Earth, Patagonia is an outdoor lover’s paradise and has all the makin...


Tree Climbing Lions of the Moremi Game Reserve

It is not abnormal to find cats climbing into trees. It is however fairly unusual to see lions lounging in the trees. Like...

United States

The Top 5 National Parks in America

There’s really nothing quite like the US National Park system. Long dubbed “America’s best idea,” there are 397 national p...


Sustainable Travel Tips: What You Can Do to Lessen your Impact

The phrase “I’m on vacation” has long been used as an excuse to do things you would otherwise feel guilty for in your ever...

Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Unique Volunteer Trips

Even if you have just two weeks of vacation a year, put them toward something that will make you feel good for a lifetime. Volunteering abroad doesn’t just have to mean teaching English or joining in the Peace Corps. That’s so last year. Have a unique experience overseas by truly making an impact on the local economy and region by getting deep into its culture.

Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Voluntourism: Beyond the Peace Corps, How to Help Overseas

Anyone can travel abroad; it’s what you do with the experience that makes the difference. If you’re looking for a more ser...

New Zealand

Wildlife Encounters: Walk on the Wild Side

Before man arrived New Zealand was a land of birds, birds that evolved with no predators. The only mammal was a tiny nativ...


Be an Elephant Owner for a Day

Did you know there are two main species of elephants- Asian and African? Did you know they eat 10% of their own weight eve...