Top 10 Fishing Vacations in Europe

The European continent is loaded with fishing sites that have been enjoyed and exploited since the days of the Greeks and Romans. The Mediterranean, a body of water that spawned many great civilizations, is a seafaring region with boats and yachts plying every square mile of the water with a fishing pole at any given time. The North Sea is home to legendary fishing grounds as well, but the best fishing in Europe is actually inland. Search the Alpine rivers and lakes or just anywhere in Iceland and you will find some of the best angling in the region.

  1. Laxá River, Iceland

    Fly-fishing on this Northern Iceland River is known for big catches such as 20 pound salmon. Numerous lodges sit nearby.

  2. Alta River, Norway

    Some of the best Atlantic salmon fishing in the world takes place on the Arctic waters of this Norwegian river. Average weights are 25 pounds, but catches of over 50 pounds are quite common.

  3. Orkney Islands, Scotland

    The Orkney’s are one of Europe’s major fishing grounds and numerous operators work out of the small chain. Check out the Loch of Stenness and Loch of Harray for everything from salmon, trout, bass, cod, hake, and shark.

  4. The West Coast, Ireland

    The rivers and loughs of western Ireland are filled with wild brown trout, Atlantic salmon, and sea trout, plus better access to a pint of Guinness.

  5. Kola Peninsula, Russia

    The Iron Curtain prevented anyone from touching these Arctic rivers in the extreme north of the continent, now they are prime ground for salmon fishing.

  6. Canary Islands, Spain

    Lost amid the vast expanse of the Atlantic, these tiny islands offer astounding options for catching Blue marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, Shark, and Dolphin.

  7. Lapland, Sweden

    The rivers of this untouched region north of the Arctic Circle are prime fly fishing grounds for Arctic Char, Brown Trout, Grayling, and Whitefish.

  8. The Alps, Switzerland

    Emerald green and aqua blue mineral rich alpine lakes surrounded by snow capped peaks are a fly fishing scene come true.

  9. The North, Italy

    Ranging from the gentle streams of Tuscany to the raging rivers of the Alps, Italy’s north is a great fly fishing destination for those that want to add a couple of days to their trip.

  10. Rio Ebro, Spain

    This Spanish river is best known for its catfish and carp that can reach up to 300 pounds.

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