Photo Credit: Ross MayfieldWhether you travel frequently for business, pleasure - or a combination of the two - having the right tools and gadgets at your disposal is never a bad idea. As modern technology advances, those high-tech gadgets become more and more affordable to own. You don’t have to have a limitless budget in order to be well equipped for your next road trip. The trouble lies in picking and choosing the gadgets that are right for you.

Below, we highlight five of the very best gadgets for on-the-go people - and explain just what makes them so useful.

Find Your Way There with a GPS Unit

In years past, a GPS device was something that only extremely wealthy people could afford to own. Nowadays, many cell phones and other gizmos boast global positioning capabilities of their own. The technology has become extremely widespread; there’s no longer any reason to fumble around with a map while making your way to your destination. The most time-consuming thing about buying a GPS is choosing the one that is right for you. Basic models have display screens and include generic voice prompts, like “Turn left in 100 feet.” More advanced versions will say actual street names and other specifics, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road that much longer.

The beautiful thing about having a GPS is that it saves you a considerable amount of time. You no longer have to map out elaborate routes prior to heading out the door each morning. More advanced models include traffic information, allowing you to avoid backups, construction and other time-consuming headaches. If you tend to be on the road a lot, a GPS is a definite must-have. You’ll be glad that you invested in one, especially when you’re busy navigating a sprawling, congested metropolis.

Stay in Touch with a Smartphone

Several platforms already exist for today’s smartphones - and new ones are being developed all the time. As a result, it’s easy to afford one of these extremely useful devices. Suddenly, staying connected is intuitive, easy and fun. Topnotch smartphones can seamlessly integrate your contacts, pulling them from various locations. The names, phone numbers and other contact information of the people from social networking sites, email address books and other sources can all be pulled together with ease. Best of all, you can be connected to the Internet - and your email - 24/7.

Take Care of Business with a Portable Printer

Have you ever been in a strange city with the sudden need for a printer? Most hotels offer limited printing services, but taking advantage of them is cumbersome and aggravating. Finding a local library or printing service that can help you sucks valuable time away from your vacation. Why go through all of those hassles, when today’s portable printers work so well? Whether you need to print something from your smartphone, laptop or other device, a portable printer can handle the job with ease - without taking up a ton of real estate in your suitcase.

Chronicle Your Journey with a Topnotch Camera

In the old days, you had to lug along a lot of heavy equipment - and a large, cumbersome camera - if you wanted to snap quality pictures during your travels. Today’s digital cameras and other topnotch options are light, portable and a whole lot of fun. Many include special settings that are designed for specific kinds of photos; with the push of a button, you can set up the perfect action, nighttime or panoramic shot. Best of all, digital photos can be uploaded and shared with the world in seconds.

Enjoy Portable Versatility with a Netbook

If the idea of lugging a bulky laptop around with you doesn’t sound very appealing, a netbook is a very viable alternative. Today’s netbooks are inexpensive and incredibly lightweight. Wherever you go, you can use them to pick up wireless signals in order to get online in a pinch. Wifi hotspots can be found virtually everywhere, making the netbook a practical and affordable choice. By using one, you’ll be able to stay connected to friends and family back home as you trot the globe.

Modern travelers have it made when it comes to making the most of their vacation and business trips. Even if you are on a relatively tight budget, it’s more than possible to afford some of today’s most useful on-the-go gadgets. If you are passionate about traveling - or if business demands keep you on the road much of the time - these devices are sure to come in handy. In fact, they will pay for themselves several times over. Shop around and find the various gizmos that will work for you today. Once you have them by your side, you’ll be glad that you did