The giddiness of warm weather makes people do strange things, and when joined amass, you never know what kind of crazy festivals abound. If you're looking for a fun way to celebrate the blue skies and cheery weather, we have some unique ideas for you whether you like animals, food, bodily functions or a combination of the bunch.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Haslam

La Desirade Goat Festival - Guadeloupe

Once a marketplace to sell kid goats, the Désirade Festival in Guadeloupe takes place in early April. Famous for its goat swimsuit competition, vote for the best looking furry friend as they don bathing suits, sunglasses and other accessories and strut their stuff down the beach in a peculiar fashion show of sorts.

Photo Credit: J. Stephen Conn

World Championship Cow Chip Throwing Contest - USA

Looking to get weird a little closer to home? Beaver, Oklahoma is the cow chip capital of the world, which yes, means dried cow dung. Every April, they embark on their annual throwing contest to see who can chuck the cow chips the furthest, similar to a javelin toss. Foreign dignitaries are in attendance and guests can purchase souvenir boxes of dried poop. Exactly what you wanted for your birthday this year, huh?

Photo Credit: Roger Alcantara

Pulilan Carabao Festival - Philippines

Carabaos are water buffalo, the national animal and work horse of the Philippines. Mid-May, the animals are paraded around the town of Pulilan to honor the patron saint decked out in elaborate, colorful costumes and flower garlands after being lovingly oiled up and shaved for the occasion. To ensure good health for the year to come, farmers have carabao cart races and crop growing competitions and there are games for the children.

Cheese-Rolling Festival at Cooper's Hill - UK

Held in Gloucestershire as a celebration of the Spring Bank Holiday, festival-goers roll a giant log of 7-9 lb Double Gloucester cheese down a huge hill chasing after it. The cheese gets up to a speed of 70 mph and the first person to reach the finish line at the bottom wins, entitling them to a victory climb back up the hill (shirtless) to return the cheese to its ceremonial creator, symbolic of the harvest.