Since it has the lofty title of the first state, Delaware doesn’t believe in doing anything half-assed. While their landmass may be one of the tiniest in America, they make up for it in heart and if they’re going to do something it’s going to be the best, biggest and most memorable.

Here are 4 ways Delaware is really the raddest state.

Photo Credit: Schwa021

The Best Breakfast Sandwich you’ve ever tasted (if you can taste it)

Voted by Gourmet magazine as No. 1 place to eat in America, the best breakfast sandwich is not a hoity-toity NYC diner or even an LA fusion spot. It’s Helen’s Famous Sausage House, a shack on the side of the road along Route 1. Technically in Smyrna, Delaware, with no menu anywhere to be found and a dive that closes whenever they run out of sausages or feel like it – whichever comes first, good luck trying to get these little bites of heaven into your mouth. Let’s just call it a challenge.

"Welcome!" by Steve Snodgrass via Flickr Creative Commons

The spookiest ride in the world

A favorite family getaway along the Rehoboth Beach, Funland has been an iconic Delaware attraction since the early ‘60s. Except for Haunted Mansion that is. With vehicles suspended in the air much like a Disney ride; you’ll be transported from room to room with surprises around every turn from 3D skulls to a secret passage. We doubt you’ll be able to forget the visuals of the morgue or mad scientist very soon, making your trip that much more memorable.

The world championships of pumpkin tossing

Punkin Chunkin has been featured on the Discovery Channel for it’s unique backyard feats of engineering where slingshots, catapults, and cannons are used to sling pumpkins as far as humanly (and machinely) possible. The current world record? 5,545.43 feet. Yeah, they go pretty far.

Photo Credit: A Look Askance

Their official state fish is the weakfish.

Also known as spotted sea trout, gray trout, yellow mouth, yellow fin trout, squeteague, and tiderunner, the weakfish can grow to 3 feet in length and weigh over 19 pounds. The name was given because the fish has weak mouth muscles, which means a hook, can tear free, allowing the weakfish to escape much easier, making it actually much wilier than weak. Good thing one of their official state colors is Buff. No seriously.