Often when explaining what we do here at iExplore, the topic of adventure comes up. We frequently debate how to define adventure. Surely everyone's definition will vary. There are those who think taking the family truckster off the safety of the highways without GPS or with only an out-of-date map is an adventure where others need to scale El Capitan to tap into that sense of adventure.

Photo Credit: Vern

Merriam-Webster defines it both as "an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks" and "an exciting or remarkable experience." I look at adventure as being closer to the latter; I think of it as a state of mind. To me, an adventure is an experience that reminds you that you are alive. An experience that challenges you in some manner be it experiencing the diversity of a new continent, or learning about new cultures or new skills.

Monika Petrillo, star and director of the documentary Flyabout, shared with me one of my favorite quotes on adventure saying, "The difference between an ordeal and adventure is your state of mind."

iExplore aims to change the state of mind for each one of our clients with every trip they take. We offer challenges, be they physical, experiential or intellectual that encourage genuine growth on the part of the traveler. Our greatest success and satisfaction comes when a client returns from an iExplore tour breathless with excitement; with an unshakable sense their lives have been enriched and almost disbelieving their experience actually happened.