When temperatures start to rise and the sun doesn't set until 8 pm, there is no better place to be than vacationing on a houseboat. Gone are the days of minimal amenities as newly designed houseboats offer luxury accommodations, multiple bathrooms on board, flat screen TVs, hot tubs on the top deck and much more. Houseboats are a great way to bond with extended family for a unique family reunion or with friends on a couples' retreat. No matter what type of outdoor activities you like, you're bound to find tranquility, relaxation, and adventure on a houseboat. From Lake Mead near Las Vegas to Lake Ouachita in Arkansas, the US has over 39 different lakes and waterways to houseboat, making each experience unique from the last.

Check out these five impressive spots for your next house boating adventure and with miles of coastline, you're sure to find the perfect secluded spot to make all your worries disappear.

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Staudt

Lake Powell

Located on the border of Utah and Arizona, Lake Powell has 1,900 miles of coastline and a golden red canyon backdrop that looks otherworldly. With the average temperature around 72 degrees, this is a nice, sunny retreat perfect for taking kayaks into the narrow canyons, cruising around the lake on a jet ski or just lounging on the top deck. Make sure to check out Antelope Canyon from your powerboat for an impressive canyon that is only accessible by smaller boats.

Photo Credit: Greg Walters

Crooked Lake

Connected to Lake Huron by a string of waterways, Crooked Lake is much, much smaller than most house boating lakes and offers a different experience than the bigger lakes. Here you'll want to explore the small islands by docking your boat and getting out and exploring. Fishing is a big sport on Crooked Lake and one could easily spend an entire weekend waiting for the next bite.

Photo Credit: Xdreus

Lake Amistad

Located on the US-Mexico border 2 1/2 hours from San Antonio, Lake Amistad is a vibrant lake with over 850 miles of coastline. Sandy beaches make the lake great for sunbathers and families looking for their own private beach, while bird watchers will love the vast number of birds that flock to the area. Upon arrival, make sure to check out the visitors' center for local tips on seeing the native colorful rock panels that have been preserved over thousands of years.

Photo Credit: Brian Ford

Raystown Lake

Located in Pennsylvania, Raystown Lake is the perfect place to explore the wildlife in the Northeast United States. From your boat and the 8,300 acres of undeveloped land around the lake, you'll have sightings of wild turkeys, deer, beavers, and ducks, plus chances to see Bald Eagles in their natural habitat. The fishing lover will also feel at home here, with salmon, bass, and carp all abundant in the waters.

Photo Credit: James Marvin Phelps

Lake Mead

No houseboat roundup would be complete without mentioning Lake Mead. The largest man-made reservoir in the United States, Lake Mead has 550 miles of shoreline and 247 square miles to explore. With an average temperature of 82 and the summer water topping at 78 degrees, this is the perfect summer vacation for the whole family. Rent a houseboat for a long weekend from Vegas and you'll feel like you've left the country and entered an alternate, nature universe.