Unique architecture, desert safaris, gold and carpet shopping, scuba diving and palaces are just a few things the capital of the UAE has to offer. As winter approaches, Abu Dhabi is a great escape with its year-round heat. So, shake off your magic carpet and fly into a whole new world!

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - The largest and most famous mosque in Abu Dhabi, nearly 40,000 worshippers can be accommodated. Boasting the world's largest carpet and 24-carat gold chandeliers imported from Germany, free guided tours are available Saturday - Thursday and are open to all religions.

Emirates Palace - A luxury hotel and famous landmark in Abu Dhabi, Emirates regularly occupies a space on the list of top 10 most expensive hotels in the world with suites start at upwards of $19,000. Enjoy the Swarovski crystal chandeliers, beautifully landscaped gardens, and Arabian sea view.

Women's Handicraft Centre - Are you into arts and crafts? This government run facility is full of displays of embroidery, weaving, basketry, and sewing made by local women. You are able to observe the women creating the pieces, but it is important not to take pictures without permission.

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Desert Safari - If you are going to make the trip across the pond, you might as well take a trek through the desert. You can take the safari on a camel or a four wheeler and also enjoy a barbecue, sand boarding, belly dancing, and a Bedoin campsite.

Falconry - Book a tour at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital to see free-flying birds or Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition for once in a lifetime experience - beauty contests and competitions for falcons.

Camel Racing - While Australia is home to the Camel Cup, Camel Racing is a popular sport across the UAE. The concept is similar to horse racing but the rules are a little different with child jockeys favored for their lightweight bodies. Watch these magnificent creatures run at a speed of about 12 miles per hour.

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AMPM - AMPM is one of Abu Dhabi's most famous English-style pubs located in the Intercontinental Hotel. It's always crowded with killer live music.

Zenith Nightclub - Zenith is another popular nightclub in Abu Dhabi with two levels of fun

Coliseum - This is a Roman style club which attracts a multi-cultural crowd. Ladies get in free and drinks are decently priced.

Dhow Cruise - Set sail on a traditional Dhow boat. Organized tours take you on a tour of different attractions in the city. If you do your homework, you can schedule a cruises during sunrise or sunset.

The Corniche - The Corniche is a long stretch of beach and by far one of the beautiful parts of Abu Dhabi with its soft sand, parks, fountains, entertainment and gardens.

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Abu Shakra - This restaurant is great place to try Egyptian Cuisine with meze and skewered meat.

Al Areeesh - Perfect restaurant if you're looking for traditional Arabic food at good prices.

India Palace - Indian food is served throughout Abu Dhabi, and India Palace is arguably one of the best.

49er's The Gold Rush - If you're feeling somewhat homesick, head to 49er's for American dishes where you'll find steak, exotic drinks and live music.