With record-breaking tides and amazing rivers and waterfalls through its provincial parks, not spending every waking moment outdoors in New Brunswick would be a travesty. Take the time to explore all the watery activities you can in Canada's Maritime province.

Here are some of our favorite, not-to-miss adventures in New Brunswick:

All Smiles | Photo Credit: Saint John Adventures

Zoom over Grand Falls

Zip lining over valleys and through the woods is pretty standard for most treetop tours, but flying over waterfalls and across rivers is something you can only do in New Brunswick. The zip line experience over the St. John River and the Grand Falls Gorge is one of the most talked about spring adventures in the entire province, but if that isn’t thrilling enough for you, you can also zip over the Reversing Rapids at the mouth of the St. John River.

Grand Falls Gorge

Experience tidal bore rafting

Whitewater rafting enthusiasts will find an entirely new adventure with tidal bore rafting, an experience that is almost completely exclusive to the northern areas of the Atlantic. Tidal bores occur when outflowing waters meet high tides, causing them to flow backward. Unlike whitewater rafting, the water is generally muddier and the rapids will send rafters flying backwards instead of forwards. Enjoy the ride as the giant waves from the Bay of Fundy’s high tides fuel a trip you won't soon forget.

"Bay of Fundy - Hopewell Rocks - New Brunswick" by Will Daravong via Flickr Creative Commons

Kayak the Bay of Fundy at high tide

A contender for the Top Natural Wonders of the World with waters roaring upwards of 50 feet, visitors have the opportunity to experience both of the Bay of Fundy’s extremes. At low tide, walk along the ocean floor collecting seashells before the water sets in and your kayak is lifted to new heights. Both adventures are suitable for families or groups and will give visitors a firsthand look at one of the most unique phenomenon on the planet.