Originally called Lancaster, Nebraska, Lincoln was actually renamed in commemoration after the assassination of Honest Abe. As a result, the city solidified its mark as important as an important part of the country’s history. But there’s much more than historical attractions in Lincoln.

The state capitol and home to the Cornhuskers, here are five of the best outdoor activities in what you may think of as the flatlands.

Spot bald eagles with Bryson’s Air Boat Tours

Typically a staple of the south, Bryson’s Air Boat Tours have managed to make it a star attraction of the Platte River, as well. Visitors can choose from standard boat tours to more tailored adventures. For example, if you’d rather spend a few hours swimming in the river before and after, the 3 Hours of Fun Package is a must. But either way, the wildlife spotting — from bald eagles to river otters —are simply remarkable.

Photo Credit: NE Tourism

Go cross-country skiing

Skiing doesn’t have to be just an east coast or west coast pursuit. Although the alpine may be lacking, Wilderness Park and Pioneers Park each offer spectacular opportunities for avid cross-country skiers visiting the Lincoln area in the wintertime. With steep hills and more rugged terrain, Pioneers Park is significantly more challenging than the flat, tree-lined trails of Wilderness Park, but families shouldn’t cross Pioneers Park off their list just yet because the hills are also perfect for sledding.

Photo Credit: Acjetter

Spend a day on the green

If you need a break from sightseeing, a round on the green is a great way to relax. As it turns out, Lincoln is a golfer’s paradise. Five golf courses surround the city limits, each with something more appealing than the next. Highlands Golf Course and Mahoney Golf Course are two of the favorites, and while you’re teeing off, be sure to ask the regulars where the best dining options are because locals always know best.

Photo Credit: NE Tourism

Take a stroll through the Sunken Gardens

After a long winter, springtime arrives with a flourish and nowhere is it more evident than at the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln. Created during the Great Depression as an opportunity for men and women to work tending to the flowers, the Sunken Gardens is a staple attraction conveniently located right next to the Children’s Museum. The collection of ponds, stunning waterfalls, and meticulously manicured gardens are treat for any visitor, young or old. The best part? It’s 100% free.

Two for one: Drink beer and take a spin

Why would you walk when you could bike with beer? Group Therapy Bike Tours (yes, that’s really the name) gives adults the opportunity to see the best of Nebraska, brew in-hand. Picture a bar stool on top of a golf cart with bike pedals where pedaling is a team effort. The funky setup is the hipster way to see Lincoln and it’s a fad totally worth hanging on to.