This island of Santorini is a magical place in the Aegean Sea that offers a marvelous seaside escape from their every day stress. The island of Santorini is part of a small, circular archipelago located approximately 120 miles southwest of the Greek mainland. The many small islands scattered in this area of the ocean, including Santorini, are the result of a major volcanic explosion and land collapse that took place about 60 million years ago. Since then, the area has continued to be volcanically active, experiencing a major event in the second millennium BC that reportedly wiped out the Minoan civilization that lived there. While in modern times, only one eruption was recorded in 1707 and two others at the very beginning of the 20th century, with the most recent explosion occurring in 1956. Thankfully for the residents on the island and the many tourists who flock there each year, Santorini has remained relatively quiet for the past 50 years.

Many visitors to Greece come to Santorini to enjoy the wonderfully warm climate and beautiful scenic atmosphere. Most of the island is made up of cliffs, into which hotels and villas are built. From a vantage point at the top, individuals are afforded incredible views of the Aegean Sea and a stunning front row seat to dramatic sunsets. In addition to the simply amazing beauty of this Greek Isle, there are also many fun things to do and see. Visitors should be sure to check out a few of the beaches while on vacation, as they each offer different views and experiences.

According to the island’s tourism website, Perissa is one of the best beaches on Santorini. It has dark sand that stretches on for miles and feels incredibly smooth under visitors’ bare feet. In addition to its wonderfully clear waters, this beach is ideally situated next to the Profitis Ilias mountain, which protects it from high winds and keeps it sunny and warm all year round. Travelers may want to explore a few of the island’s other beaches as well, such as Kamari, which is known for its black-pebbled sand. This may be a great place for individuals looking for excitement as opposed to peace, as it has many different bars, taverns, clubs and restaurants located nearby. Travelers looking for a party may also enjoy Thira, which is a very busy and bustling beach.