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With its prime location smack dab in the middle of Delaware’s popular ocean resort region, Bethany Beach is a natural choice for people who want to get away from the demands of daily life for a little bit of rest and relaxation. Originally inhabited by a number of different Native American tribes – including the Lenape and the Assateagues – Bethany Beach and the surrounding area was later settled by farmers who struggled to cultivate the uncooperative land. The region didn’t really hit its stride until much later, when people who were weary of the city – but didn’t want to travel too far away – discovered the simple joys of the scenic beaches and gorgeous waters of this picturesque area.

Sightseeing and Attractions: Bethany Beach’s Best Kept Secrets

There’s no question that spending the vast majority of a vacation to Bethany Beach on the beach can make for an excellent trip. Still, most people prefer to mix in a bit of other activities during such forays, and the surrounding area has plenty of opportunities. These include:

Tour The Historic Homes Of Rehoboth Beach

The area around Bethany Beach has a long, proud history. One great way to learn more about it is by heading over to nearby Rehoboth Beach. There, the Lewes Historical Society frequently offers tours of the area’s most interesting historic homes. Tag along on such an excursion to get an insider’s look at what homes in the area are like.

Nanticoke Indian Museum

Many areas and natural geographic features around Bethany Beach get their names from Native Americans. You can learn a lot more about the history of various Native American tribes in the region by swinging by the Nanticoke Indian Museum. Several artifacts and exhibits are available for perusal there, as well as a highly respected library. Such a visit can help break up the usual beach festivities that dominate most trips to Bethany Beach.

Enjoy Topnotch Local Fishing

If you enjoy fishing, you’re sure to be pleased by the wide range of options that the area presents for fishers. The Indian River has several inlets where it’s easy to catch some exciting fish, or you can swing over to sites around Rehoboth Bay or Delaware Bay to try your hand at things. With so many options, you never have to worry about rubbing shoulders with others while engaging in this fun sport.

Fenwick Island Lighthouse

No trip to the east coast and the Atlantic Ocean would be complete without taking in at least one lighthouse. Nearby Fenwick Island boasts its own lighthouse that is sure to meet and exceed all of your expectations. Built back in the year 1858, it has been lovingly restored and has helped guide boaters through the Fenwick Shoal for nearly two centuries now.

Best Kept Secrets For Families & Couples

If you plan on spending a decent length of time at Bethany Beach, you’re probably going to need to track down activities that are geared toward kids or for couples. Either way, you’ll be glad to know that there are several excellent options; a few of them include:

Wheels Of Yesterday

Couples who are looking for a nice afternoon out will enjoy a visit to Wheels Of Yesterday. This unique attraction features a broad array of classic cars, all of which have been turned into pristine condition. With a short drive over to Ocean City, you can spend a couple of hours reminiscing about the cars of your youth – or simply checking out great examples of older vehicles in person.

Assateague State Park

Families with children will find Assateague State Park to be the perfect place to hunker down for the day. With a stunning – and very clean – beach to swim on, and several intriguing hiking and biking trails, the park is the ideal place for families that have a bunch of different interests to keep in mind.

Ward Museum Of Wildfowl Art

Couples who enjoy visiting art galleries should make it a point to stop by the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art. This is one of the largest collection of wildfowl carvings in the world, and is a wonderfully unique place to spend a bit of time at while in the Bethany Beach region.

Eating - Sample the Local Cuisine

Fresh seafood is always on the menu at restaurants in and around Bethany Beach, so if you have a hankering for some you won’t have to go very far. Whether you prefer lobster, mussels, oysters, clams or any other number of popular dishes, you’ll find exceptional versions of them all around the area. The best part is that you can guarantee that it is truly fresh.

When To Go & How to Get There

Regardless of whether you fly into Virginia Beach, Philadelphia or another reasonably close airport, you’re going to have to do a bit of driving to get to Bethany Beach. Coastal highway 1 is a very popular route for getting into around the area, and Route 50 is another way that many people find their way over to Bethany Beach.

Late summer is generally the best time to visit Bethany Beach and the Eastern Shore of Delaware. That’s when the temperatures are the most consistently warm – and when the water isn’t too cold to swim in. For the majority of sightseeing endeavors, August and even early September are the very best choices for travelers who want to spend a lot of time outside.