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Trap Pond State Park is a hidden gem of Delaware, and a trip to the park isn’t complete without a paddling adventure!

Photo courtesy Delaware State Parks

Trap Pond is home to the northernmost natural grove of baldcypress trees on the East Coast.

The trees grow straight out of the water, and your canoe or kayak will quickly be surrounded by trick trunks, and gnarly “knees” that grow out of the baldcypress roots. Seeing the trees from the shore just isn’t the same as being in the middle of a stand of baldcpyress!

Photo courtesy Delaware State Parks

Paddling is the only way to reach the thickest portion of the baldcypress swamps.

Once you are on the water, you can pick a water trail to take back into the deepest, densest part of the swamp where you can only go in a canoe or kayak. Try the Terrapin Branch Water Trail that will lead you into a thick swamp of baldcypress trees as far as you can see. One of the streams that flows into Trap Pond has even been marked as a wilderness canoe trail for those who wish to explore the swamp's interior. You can find more information on the Water Trails here.

Photo courtesy Delaware State Parks

You’ll Get Up Close and Personal with Wildlife

A huge variety of wildlife lives in the swamps, and when paddling, you’ll likely come face to face with frogs, herons, birds, fish, turtles, and more. Listen to frog calls and bird songs as you make your way through the trees. Once you return, you can stop by the Baldcypress Nature Center to speak with a naturalist about what you saw!

Photo courtesy Delaware State Parks

The Photo Opportunities Are Out of This World

There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by trees and greenery on all sides while paddling through a water trail, and the photo opportunities will prove it! You may even question whether you’re in Delaware anymore.

Photo courtesy Delaware State Parks

Boat Rentals Are Available Onsite

You can easily rent a canoe or kayak from the boat ramp beside the pond! The friendly boat staff will happily set you up with paddles, a canoe or kayak, and life vests.

If you’re looking for a unique adventure in Delaware, look no further than Trap Pond State Park! For more information, visit