Like most countries in the region, East Timor is governed by both a wet and dry season. The rainy period lasts from November to May, while the remaining months (June through October) mark dry weather. The average temperature throughout the year is 86°F (30°C), though it can get very cold at high altitudes.

Rains can be torrential during the wet season, which can cause frequent flooding, and may pose a problem for visits to remote areas of the country. The northern coast becomes particularly dry and parched during the dry season, so it is best to avoid north coast area when visiting during the warmer climate.

Best Time to Visit East Timor

Anytime is a good time to visit East Timor, temperature-wise, but make sure to avoid the wet months so storms don’t ruin your trip. May through July is probably the nicest time to visit, when the climate is comfortable and the hills and fields are all abloom.