While Indonesian and Portuguese citizens may apply for a visa on arrival at any border crossing, 30 day visas for all other nationalities must be obtained before travel or applied for on arrival for a fee at Dili Sea Port or the international airport. Visas are available from East Timorese consulates, including in Bali (Consulate General Denpasar and Consulate Kupang). To find out more, visit the Immigration Service of Timor Leste.

Health and Safety

Take necessary precautions for dengue fever and malaria, especially during the rainy season. Petty crimes are common and foreign visitors are usual targets, so be on the defensive to avoid theft, pickpockets and other nuisances.

Driving safety should always be observed, especially when traversing tricky mountain roads which are shared by pedestrians and animals. Avoid these streets during the rainy season, as many of them become flooded and are cut off by swollen rivers.