All visitors to America must have their visas completed before arrival in the country. To find out what is required for your nation you can check with your local US embassy regarding current visa requirements or check online at the US government’s visa website for more information. Citizens of EU countries are mostly granted visas on arrival but now have to complete an online ESTA security check first.

Health and Safety

Oklahoma offers no major health issues to worry about. Apart from critters like rattlesnakes in the countryside there are no diseases or other nasties in this state. It’s always advised that travelers get vaccinated for hepatitis A and B before traveling to America, as this disease can be caught in any part of the country.

Overall, Oklahoma is one of the safest and friendliest states in America. Nearly everywhere you go the locals will be happy to help you out when in need. Naturally, a few neighborhoods of the big cities of Tulsa and Oklahoma City have their sketchy areas but there are few reasons why a tourist would need to venture there.

As far as nature is concerned, Oklahoma sits square in the heart of Tornado Alley, a swath of land where tornadoes and violent storms regularly occur in the spring and early summer. Tornadoes are a real threat in Oklahoma, so always keep an eye on the daily weather forecast when traveling around. The state has one of the best early-warning weather systems in America so you won’t be caught unawares if you watch the news every day.