Every foreign national visiting the US must have a travel visa arranged prior to arrival. Visas are required for virtually everyone, so check with your nearest American embassy for requirements or browse the information available online at the US government’s visa website.

Health and Safety

New Jersey presents few health concerns for visitors, but it is recommended that all travelers get vaccinations against hepatitis A and B. With so much seafood to enjoy along the shore, one can never be too careful about the hygiene in restaurants. Hiking in the woods can expose you to deer ticks, which have been known to carry Lyme disease. Always check your body, hair and clothes for ticks after walking in heavily wooded areas.

Most of New Jersey is safe and friendly. The Jersey Shore is used to tourists, and residents are usually more than happy to give directions and assistance. When staying in the large cities like Trenton, Camden and Newark, use extra caution on the streets at night. Like all big cities, the risk of crime is higher here, especially after dark. But in reality, it is unlikely a tourist will find themselves in dangerous neighborhoods. Theft is the most common problem for visitors. Cars are always targets, so never leave your valuables in plain sight and keep the doors locked.