New Jersey Taxis and Car Rental

Unless you plan to spend your entire trip in the casinos of Atlantic City or the beaches of Cape May, you will need a car to get around New Jersey. It’s fairly easy to reach the state from other east coast cities, and most major travel hubs have a full selection of rental cars to choose from. Since almost all the attractions lie outside the towns, a car quickly pays for itself in convenience and memories. Roads throughout the state are in great shape and extremely scenic once you get out of the big cities like Newark.

Taxis are available in all of New Jersey’s main tourist towns like Cape May, Atlantic City and Princeton. Outside of Atlantic City though, they rarely cruise around looking for fares on the street. Your best bet is to keep a phone number or two on hand and call for a pick up. Prices are reasonable, with taxis using a meter based on the distance traveled. In Atlantic City, A.C. Car & Taxi (+1-609-344-2227) is a reliable company, while AAA Princeton Taxi (+1-609-921-1177) is good in Princeton.

New Jersey Water Taxis

Travelers heading straight to Cape May can hop on a ferry from Lewes, Delaware to the south. The Cape May-Lewes Ferry transports passengers and vehicles every day, year round. The short trip is a scenic and hassle-free way to reach Cape May.

New Jersey Trains and Buses

Amtrak trains are a useful way to reach New Jersey from destinations along the eastern seaboard, but they don’t help much when traveling within the state. The Acela Express commuter train runs between Washington, DC and Boston several times daily, with stops in Newark, Trenton and Iselin. Seven other Amtrak lines pass through New Jersey, most often stopping in Newark or Trenton. Fares are reasonable and the seats comfortable.

More travel flexibility is possible by using the Greyhound bus network which runs between most of New Jersey’s large towns. This is the cheapest way to travel though the buses are not particularly comfortable for long hauls. Several private coach companies also service New Jersey, such as Suburban Transit, DeCamp and Martz Trailways.