Louisiana Taxis and Car Rental

Whether you need a car during your stay in Louisiana depends entirely on whether you plan to travel anywhere other than New Orleans. If you’re sticking around the Big Easy, it was a city made for walking. It’s flat and scenic, with all the colorful local life happening right on the street. Driving in New Orleans can be problematic due to the lack of parking in the French Quarter and the one-way streets. But having a car is essential if you have any intention to explore Cajun country. All the big name rental companies can be found in the airports and downtown district.

Taxis are incredibly useful in New Orleans, and a very popular means of getting around. They are easy to hail on the streets of the French Quarter and Central Business District except during the big parties like Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest. Fares are not exactly cheap, but most destinations within New Orleans are close enough that it won't break the bank. United Cabs (+1-504-524-9606) is the most popular company operating in New Orleans, while Bonomolo Limousines (+1-504-522-0892) provides more stylish transport.

Louisiana Trains and Buses

If time is on your side, taking the train to Louisiana is a fantastic option. The Crescent, Sunset Limited and City of New Orleans lines all run through The Big Easy, and the scenery is lovely all along the way. Amtrak trains run rather slowly, but the seats are comfortable and the fares cost no more than a regional flight. The main train and bus stations are located in the Central Business District downtown.

Greyhound buses are even cheaper and more versatile forms of transportation to get to Louisiana and move within the state. LA Swift travels between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, while Megabus serves big cities in the Southeast like Atlanta and Houston. Only New Orleans has a really useful public bus and streetcar network that stops at all the major tourist sites. The streetcars are worth a ride just for the fun of it, but both forms of transportation are cheap and convenient ways to get around Louisiana.