Hawaii is a state of the USA, so international travelers will need to fulfill US visa requirements before entering. Nationals of 36 countries including Canada, Australia and the UK can enter visa-free for 90 days. If visitors have already entered the US through another international gateway before reaching Hawaii, then no further border checks are required. It is recommended that tourists find more information about US visas here (http://travel.state.gov/visa/).

Health and Safety

The weather in Hawaii remains relatively hot all year round, so the sun can do damage to the skin if tourists don’t take the necessary precautions. When swimming, sunbathing, or even sightseeing, wear SPF 15+ sunscreen. If possible, wear sun-protective clothing, too.

There aren’t many diseases to worry about in Hawaii. However, there have been cases of leptospirosis among travelers who have swum in fresh water pools or gone hiking in the remote backcountry. The virus results in a sickness similar to the common flu, but can be fatal at times. An incubation period of about a month is sometimes experienced by affected individuals.

Cities like Honolulu experience petty theft and even violent crimes at times, so visitors should use common sense when walking the streets at night. Beach and camp theft are not uncommon either. While swimming, try to leave valuables locked safely away in a hotel room or a car, out of sight of passing street traffic.