Hawaii Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are ubiquitous in the largest city of Hawaii, Honolulu. They tend to offer friendly and safe service, although the costs can be expensive. In Honolulu, there are numerous taxi companies, including TheCAB Oahu (+1-808-422-2222) and Star Taxi (+1-808-942-7827). Regardless of the company, taxi fares in Hawaii are fixed, so all meters charge the same rate.

Car rental is available from most of the airports around Hawaii, especially those at Honolulu and Kahului. Hawaii law recognizes licenses from the other states of the mainland US so US citizens will not need to exchange their state license here. Navigation of Hawaii’s main cities and winding roads can be tricky, and traffic in places like Waikiki and Honolulu downtown is a constant problem. During the rainy season, drive with caution along rural routes.

Hawaii Water Taxis

Ferry journeys between islands are cheaper than flights, but more time consuming so the routes are rarely traveled by boat these days. The courses are notorious for their rough seas at various times of the year, but nevertheless, the Maui-Molokai-Lanai trip is popular.

Hawaii Trains and Buses

Hawaii doesn’t have a commuter rail network on any of its islands, which makes locals and visitors heavily reliant upon bus transportation and road travel. Inner-city buses are mainly found on the island of Oahu, with other islands lacking in public transportation. The main bus network operating in Honolulu’s and Oahu’s rural regions is aptly named TheBus. Tickets for even the longest route are much cheaper than any other option in Hawaii and the Circle Island route takes passengers around the entire island of Oahu.

Some of the islands include Oahu, have chartered bus services for tourists. This makes it possible to rent a bus and driver for the duration of your trip. This is a great option for visitors who wanting to comfortably explore the islands in a group.