English and Hawaiian are the main languages spoken in the state. However, English is by far the most widely spoken language in Hawaii. In addition to stand-alone English and native Hawaiian, locals tend to speak a Hawaiian Creole, described as a form of pidgin. It predominantly comes from a mix of English and native Hawaiian, although Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese words are also thrown into this pidgin language.


Like the rest of the US, Hawaii’s currency is the US dollar (US$). Expect to pay more in Hawaii than in continental US, as many goods are imported. ATMs are located across most major cities and accept many international bank cards. However, the rural areas offer a limited number of banks and ATMs. At times, tourists may find it difficult to withdraw money on the small islands and in rural areas. Major credit cards are widely accepted for purchases in Honolulu, Kailua-Kona and other large cities.


GMT -10


Hawaii uses the same electrical requirements as the mainland US. Voltage is 120/140 at 60 Hertz. There are two types of plugs in Hawaii. Type A has two flat prongs, while Type B has two flat prongs and a rounded ground pin.


Like continental US’s international direct dialing code, Hawaii’s is +1, but the state code adds 808 to the front of local numbers. Visitors must also remember to add 808 in front of numbers when calling another island. Internet access is available in most of the tourist areas, including at hotels. Mail in Hawaii is delivered and sent through the US Post Department.


Being a part of the US, Hawaii possesses the same duty-free restrictions that the mainland follows. Travelers must be 21 years or older to bring in any tobacco or alcohol products. The limit for these goods is one liter of alcohol and 200 cigarettes, 100 cigars, or two kilograms of tobacco. Gifts of under US$100 in value are also allowed duty-free.

Tourist Office

Hawaii Tourism Authority, Honolulu: +1-808-973-2255 or

Consulates in Hawaii

Australian Consulate: +1-808-529-8100 Consulate General of Austria: +1-808-923-8585 Consulate General of Japan: +1-808-543-3111 Republic of Marshall Islands Consulate: +1-808-545-7677 Consulate General of Sweden: +1-808-528-4777 Consulate General of Finland: +1-808-943-2640


Emergency services: 911