Despite its richness in natural landmarks and attractions, Hawaii is also a great destination to experience unique and exciting things to do. From the fringing beaches of Hawaii’s main islands, to the traditional cultures of this Pacific-influenced state, Hawaii is the United States answer to Europe’s Mediterranean beaches. And where better to learn the sport of surfing than the place where it began? Plenty of spacious beaches await board riders.

Tourists don’t have to spend their entire holiday in or near the water though. As a matter of fact, visitors can spend part of their vacation high in the air. Sightseeing by aircraft or helicopter has become even more accessible than ever before. Even though scenic flights are expensive, the majestic views quickly make up for the price tag. The valleys and highlands are among the United States’ most endearing natural wonders. Flights can be arranged through Viator or Blue Hawaii.

Tourists come to Hawaii for its incredible beach culture. This means swimming or beach dwelling is certainly part of any tourist itinerary. Waikiki Beach is a great place to enjoy a dip in the blue Hawaiian water or perhaps Oahu’s North Shore (where the Pipeline Masters is held each year) is more enticing. The big waves only come once a year, but tours of Hawaii’s beaches can be arranged anytime through All Hawaii Tours.

For a bout of adrenaline, tourists can try shark diving which is not as unsafe as it sounds. Off the island of Oahu, visitors can go cage diving, where you are placed into a steel cage, allowing for close encounters with a range of reef sharks and other marine species. Contact Hawaii Shark Encounters for affordable rates and the invariable questions you may have. Diving or snorkeling with the Manta Rays on the Big Island is also a must-do and has been listed as one of the top 10 dives in the world.

For those who prefer to stay dry, whale watching is the perfect activity. Whales migrate near the island of Maui between the months of December and April. Go Hawaii and Sail Hawaii provide chartered boats and humpback whale tours that enable visitors to experience the natural phenomena of Hawaii’s spectacular wildlife.

Hawaii is famous for its surfing. Therefore, it is only natural that travelers at least try their hand at riding the state’s famous waves. From the shores of Waikiki to the breaks of North Shore, Learning to surf in Hawaii is easy at places like Waikiki where schools operate directly on the beach. Ocean Eco Tours and Lokahi Surf Tours are two reputable companies that provide tour packages.

While in Hawaii, tourists can experience hula dancing in many different ways. Passive holiday-makers can simply sit back and enjoy the performances found in major resorts, during festivals, and in community spaces. However, those who prefer to ‘do’ rather than ‘watch’ can learn the incredible art of hip shaking with packages from Kaahele Hawaii or Adventure in Hawaii.