Georgia weather is effectively divided into two regions. The low country includes the coastal area and the Savannah Plain, while the up country area is to the north and where the foothills of the Appalachians create a slightly cooler climate.

In general, Georgia enjoys mild weather all year round. The average annual temperature in Atlanta is around 70°F. Summers tend to be hot and humid throughout most of the state, with daytime highs hovering in the upper 80’s (°F) and into the low 90’s (°F) from June to August. In the mountains, the temperatures are about 5 to 10°F cooler all year round. Rain falls frequently in summer and throughout the whole year in general.

Winters are pleasantly mild with temperatures ranging from 50°F to 60°F. In the mountains, it can be a bit colder with even an occasional snowfall. Spring and fall are both excellent seasons in Georgia, with temperatures sticking in the comfortable 70°F range and lots of pretty scenery.

Best Time to Visit Georgia

Without a doubt, the finest time of year throughout Georgia is the fall. Temperatures are a wonderfully crisp 60°F to 70°F from the end of September until the middle of November. Very little rain falls during this season, ensuring plenty of blue skies to go with the amazing change of color from all the hardwood trees in the state.

Spring is just as lovely, too, when the dogwoods and azaleas bloom between April and May. The temperatures are a balmy 75°F to 80°F, with just enough spring showers to freshen up the grass and get the trees and bushes in bloom again. As a bonus, spring is also one of the low seasons for tourism so there are often great deals on hotels right through to the beginning of June.

Fall can be a little crowded because the weather is so fine, but linger into the beginning of winter and room rates drop again. In reality, any time of year is good for a trip to Georgia. You can often get a week of sunny 65°F days in December at the beach. It’s just a matter of luck.