Georgia Taxis and Car Rental

Atlanta is notorious for its bad traffic though having a rental car is extremely useful when exploring the rest of the state. When flying into Atlanta, you may want to use the highly efficient public transportation system or taxis to get around, and then rent a car when you’re ready to head to the outskirts of Georgia. Taxis are not always easy to find on Atlanta streets, but can quickly be called for a pick up. Downtown companies like Checker Cab (+1-404-351-1111) and Atlanta Lenox Taxi (+1-404-872-2600) use a flat rate that is a good deal for long journeys but a rip off for a two-block trip. Be sure to carry around a couple of taxi phone numbers when you venture out.

Taxis can also be found in large towns like Savannah though the Historic District is best explored on foot. All major car rental firms have offices throughout Atlanta, Savannah, and many other popular tourist towns. Having your own car is essential for travel outside Georgia’s city centers. Parking is generally abundant though in Atlanta’s popular Buckhead district it can be very tight.

Georgia Trains and Buses

In Atlanta, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) operates an integrated network of subways and buses that cover most of the important parts of the city. MARTA transport is safe, affordable, and reliable, but is only practical for trips around downtown. Visitors can buy multi-trip passes or seven-day passes for unlimited travel using the Breeze Card. But to get to the suburbs, you must drive yourself.

Savannah and other large cities in Georgia also have public bus networks that can be useful for getting short distances around the city center. Transportation between towns is best done via the Greyhound bus, which operates long-distance buses to nearly every town in the state and country. Fares are reasonable and the seats are comfortable enough for a few hours.

Amtrak trains pass through Georgia on their way up and down the eastern seaboard. Atlanta, Savannah, and a handful of smaller towns sit along the long-distance Crescent Line that runs between New York and New Orleans. The train journey from New York to Atlanta takes about 19 hours when there are no delays, and though fares are about the same as those for domestic flights, the scenery is very nice if you have the time to spare.