Many international travelers to the United States fly directly into Atlanta’s airport from abroad. Citizens of most countries are required to have some form of travel visa upon arrival, so be sure and arrange the necessary documentation at your local American embassy prior to your trip. You can find out most preliminary information via the US government’s visa website at

Health and Safety

There are very few health concerns facing visitors to Georgia. The weather is generally mild all year round and the only illness that may surface is Lyme’s disease from the bite of a deer tick. These ticks live deep in the forests so be sure and use insect repellent or cover up when hiking in the woods. The sun can also be an issue along the coast of Georgia. The weather tends to be very pleasant, but the UV rays from the sun are still strong. Use sunscreen at the beach, even if it feels cool.

Like all major cities, Atlanta has a few neighborhoods and city parks that should not be visited after dark. But overall, Georgia is one of the safest states in the Southeast region of America. While resort towns like Jekyll Island are very secure, it’s still advised to lock your doors at night and avoid leaving valuables in parked cars.