Photo Credit: Dutch Simba

Getting around Alaska is often only possible by air or boat, as many communities have no road links. Fortunately, a comprehensive inter-state air network, operated primarily by Alaska Airlines, is in place, meaning just about every area of significance, as well as many remote locations such as hunting grounds can be accessed by air. The downside is the price, with fares expensive compared to flight prices in other US states.

The Alaska Marine Highway System takes care of trips between coastal communities, while limited inter-city bus services and car hire can be used to travel the state’s few roadways including the Alaska Highway. The Alaska Railroad, which travels from the south (Seward) to Fairbanks via Anchorage and Denali National Park is another useful transport link for visitors.

  • Car rental at Anchorage and Fairbanks airports incurs an airport surcharge of 10-12 percent, making renting at a off-airport location worthwhile
  • Avoid getting off the beaten track without a guide: weather conditions and dangerous animals pose threats
  • Check your flight arrival time to ensure onward transport connections are available
  • Always book car hire ahead in the peak summer season (June to August), when rentals sell out quickly

Contact numbers

Police: +1-907-786-8500, 911 Emergency: 911 Alaska Regional Hospital: +1-907-276-1131 Canada Consulate: +1-907 264-6734 Denmark Honorary Consulate: +1-907 276-1221 Mexico Consulate: +1-907 334-9573 Alaska Yellow Cab: +1-907-222-2222

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