Beyond the ruins of war are surprising hidden gems that tell Iraq's glorious story and fall from grace. Known as Mesopotamia in the old world, Iraq was one of the most important ancient capitals, where civilizations started and where various religions thrived. The capital of Baghdad is considered to be one of the greatest centers for Islam. It is slowly losing its synonymy with war as the government takes steps to restore ruined infrastructure, promote the arts and make the city more tourist-friendly.

From the remarkable antique cities of Mesopotamia to modern marvels of the new world, Iraq has the necessary components to become a tourist hub one day. Little by little as the political situation improves, the country is opening up to travelers. For now, though, only a few of the country’s wonders are accessible to curious wanderers. Nonetheless, ancient cities like Borsippa, Babylon, Ziggurat, Samarra, Erbil, and Baghdad have more than enough attractions to tickle visitors’ fancy.

Taking the Kurdish route is the best way to go when planning a visit to Iraq. The Other Iraq Tours is the company to turn to for a trip to the region customized to your taste and speed. The group specializes in historical tours, religious pilgrimages and archaeological excursions around the country, where some of the most beautiful heritage sites in the world can be found. Sightseeing around ancient cities, sampling Kurdish dishes for unique gastronomic experiences, fishingshopping in colorful bazaars, cave tours, and church visits are just some of the unique experiences offered.

Babel Tours specializes in Iraqi trips to Ur, Basrah, Eridu, Uruk, Najaf, Karbala, Lagash, and many other ancient cities. Its cultural tours allow you to unearth the hidden treasures of beautiful regions like Sulaymaniyah, Erbil and Duhok, while its guided historical journeys let you exploring the region’s colorful past as well as taking in breathtaking sights. The group organizes nature excursions and eco-tours, especially around the lakes and mountain areas of Iraqi Kurdistan and the surrounding deserts. River trips down the legendary Tigris and Euphrates can be arranged, as can visits to the famed Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Excursions around Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, as well as its thriving souks and enormous mosques are offered by Hinterland Travel. The group also specializes in ancient city tours as well as driving trips across different towns and cities, including Neolithic villages and past sacred sites.

If you’re having trouble with logistics, Salwan Travel Company can assist with all types of travel services, from airline booking to residency and other essentials to help make the most out of your trip.