Modern shopping malls abound in Erbil, where supermarkets and department stores have sprouted up. Nazamall on Kirkuk Erbil Road is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Iraq, along with Shaqlawa Road’s Hawler Mall. Other great places to enjoy shopping and leisure in town include NewCity supermarket on 60th Street, and Reihnmall in the up-and-coming Eskan neighborhood. Majidi Mall is one of the most newly-established, western-style shopping malls in the country, featuring international brands and fashion boutiques, as well as a large hypermarket in the basement. Family Mall is the biggest shopping center in the country, but most travelers prefer the feel of the buzzing outdoor markets.

The local souks are perfect for souvenir shopping, with numerous stalls selling brightly-colored rugs, carpets, fresh spices, as well as silver and copperware. Baghdad’s copper market is a frenzy of clinking pieces that have been beaten into shape by skilled coppersmiths.