Shell Beach, Herm Photo by Tanya Hart via Flickr Creative Commons

Visitors arriving from the UK or Northern Ireland may enter the Channel Islands with just a photo-ID card, and visas are not required for EU or EEA country nationals. Visitors from all other countries should check visa requirements at a British embassy or consulate in their home country and ensure their passport is valid for at least three months past the length of their stay. No specific vaccinations are required beyond the updating of tetanus and other usual inoculations as advised to all travelers.

Health and Safety

The Channel Islands are among the world’s safest destinations for visitors, as there is very little crime. On the smaller islands, inhabitants leave their doors unlocked and their car keys in their vehicles! The beaches are safe, healthcare is at a high level, and the local fauna poses no threats. Even the sun in summer behaves itself, with little risk of sunburn, although fair-skinned and young beach-lovers should still use sunscreen on hot days.

There’s little threat to health beyond discomfort caused by overeating and hangovers incurred by underestimating the strength of the islands’ craft beers and flavorful ales. Driving is slow by modern standards due to maximum speed limit of 40mph, ensuring safety, and local drivers obey the rules of the road almost all the time. Tap water is safe to drink, and the delicious cuisine of the islands almost certainly won’t cause an upset stomach.

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