English is the official language of Jersey and is spoken by everyone, while French is also officially used (including in the courts) and on road signs. There is also a local dialect on Jersey, known as Jèrriais. Visitors will rarely hear this spoken as it is only really used between local folk in the districts.


The Channel Islands have their own bank notes, though it is still pounds sterling (GBP, £) for all intensive purposes. It is fine to use normal pounds here (but not vice versa on the UK mainland), but ATMs mainly tender local notes. Banks will change money and are only open Monday through Friday, while money changers can be found in all major tourist areas. Travelers’ checks are widely accepted and best changed at the banks, while shops and restaurants recognize all major credit cards.


Jersey—and the rest of the Channel Islands—is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is similar to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Jersey also observes daylight saving, as with the rest of the British Islands, with clocks moving forward an hour in March to British Summer Time and back to GMT in October.


As with the UK proper, Jersey operates on a 240V, 50Hz power supply, utilizing heavy-duty, British-style three-pin plugs. If you forget to bring an adaptor, they sell them in town and at the airport and ferry terminal. Those with newer laptops and iPhones will probably find they run on both the North American (110V, 60Hz) and UK (240V, 50Hz) power supplies.


Jersey’s phone code is 01534, while Jersey uses the UK country code, +44. To call the States from Jersey, prefix US numbers with +1. Local mobile operators are compatible with international roaming networks, but be sure to organize activation with your provider before travel. You can also buy local SIM cards as well as rent handsets in Jersey. Hotels typically offer WiFi or internet terminals/cafés, while internet cafés are liberally placed around St Helier.


Although a duty-free island, there are limits on what you can bring in, as with anywhere. Cigarettes: 200, tobacco: 250g, wine: 2 liters, spirits: 1 liter, gifts: to equivalent value of £145. If you are heading back out of Europe after leaving Jersey, you can purchase duty-free also, even if traveling to an EU destination as the Channel Islands are not part of the EU.

Tourist Office

Jersey Tourism is at Liberation Square, St Helier: +44-1534-500-700, or

Consulates in Jersey

US Embassy, London: +44-207-499-9000 French Consulate: +44-1534-726-256 German Consulate: +44-1534-601-721 Irish Consulate: +44-1534-745-551 Italian Consulate: +44-1534-853-167 Dutch Consulate: +44-1481-241-721 Swedish Consulate: +44-1534-780-545 Switzerland: +44-1481-710-267


Emergency services: 999