Shopping in Jersey is lots of fun on account of St Helier’s compact nature and cobblestone, traffic-free streets. The Channel Islands are noted for their low-duty and no VAT status, and prices here tend to be lower than most destinations as a result. Knitwear, crafts, and jewelry are popular buys. Feel free to barter at the markets, but avoid asking for huge percentages off as they will never give you more than a 50% discount.

St Helier, the capital is where it’s all at and swanky boutiques sit right next to high street department stores amid a slew of cafés with an Anglo-French theme. Marks & Spencer and BHS are popular UK downtown department stores (the closest thing to malls here), while Voisins (King Street) is always busy. Boots, a pharmacy chain, is common across Jersey.

While supermarkets can be found island-wide, there are several great markets to check out, with two covered ones in St Helier (Central Market for fun), as well as one or two garden centers in Gorey. Located in the east and best known for Mont Orgueil, Gorey village is especially good for souvenirs, while other popular areas away from St Helier are nearby St Brelade (west) and St Martin (north).

You can buy duty-free goods in town, as well as at the airport and ferry terminal—spirits, cigarettes, perfumes, electronics, et cetera—but bear in mind Jersey does have a goods and services tax, so it’s not 100% tax-free. Shops are typically open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday, with limited hours on Sunday if at all.

Spas in Jersey

For a bit of leisure, many hotels in St Helier have excellent spa facilities. The best reside along the Esplanade, including Grand Jersey, Radisson Blu, and the Royal Yacht Hotel. Prices are expensive though, so be ready to drop a pretty penny.