Jersey has the best food of the Channel Islands, sporting great sea catches and Michelin star restaurants. There’s a solid blend of local cuisine and popular European eateries (especially French and Italian), including cafés and BYO spots, though prices may be a little steep. St Helier has the pick of the dining options and is the main center for a night out.

Bars and Pubbing in Jersey

Like any destination in the British realm, Jersey is awash with bars and pubs, most of which can be found in St Helier. It is compact enough to get around on foot and many of the hotspots reside in hotels near the waterfront. The Royal Yacht Hotel and Club Hotel & Spa, and Hill Street is a good place to start. Along here is the popular Cock & Bull (Hill Street, St Helier), while the nearby Lamplighter Pub (Mulcaster Street, St Helier) has great drinks, as does La Cala (Beresford Street, St Helier), a little further back.

Jersey is actually quite upscale and you will find many more cocktail spots than traditional pubs. Head down to the harbor to find several swanky bars with terraces overlooking Elizabeth Castle, along with a slew of trendy wine bars. Bohemia Bar & Restaurant (Green Street, St Helier) is a popular contemporary place in the town center.

Prices for a pint of beer are in line with London or prominent US cities. Pubs usually close early around 11:00 p.m., but stay open later if they have live entertainment (to perhaps 1:00 a.m.), while clubs can stay hopping until 2:30 a.m. For nightclubs, head to the Esplanade area, which has several including Club 72 and Mint (Esplanade, St Helier) along with Waterfront and Weighbridge.

Dining and Cuisine in Jersey

Seafood restaurants are dotted around the island, though St Helier has the bulk of the eating. Gourmands need look no further as there is everything from the best of British and French cuisine in cafés, bistros, and full-service restaurants. There is a trio of Michelin star restaurants, with Bohemia (Green Street, St Helier) ranking highly and also being moderately priced. For upscale dining along Esplanade, the Tassilli (Grand Jersey Hotel, Esplanade, St Helier) is also a good bet.

Along with French and British cuisine are several great Italian, Portuguese, and Asian restaurants, especially Indian, Chinese, and Thai. The Thai Dicq Shack (Dicq Slipway, St Helier) is a popular BYO restaurant with tasty food down at the Jersey waterfront, while farther south is the highly rated Green Island (Green Island, St Clement, St Helier) seafood restaurant. For Italian, Pizzeria Romana (17 Charing Cross, St Helier) has hearty pies amid several other eateries off York and Broad streets.

To the west of St Helier are several other good restaurants at the other end of St Aubin’s Bay, and St Brelade’s Bay also has plenty of choice. The Oyster Box (St Brelade’s Bay) is right by the beach and has a party atmosphere. The nearby Crab Shack is also good for an evening out. Over in the east, Gorey and Mont Orgueil have many good eateries.

Popular cuisine in Jersey includes lobsters, scallops, spider crabs, and prized beef and dairy. Conger eel soup is a bit of a local specialty and if you have a sweet tooth, a cream tea with strawberries is a must. Tennerfest, in October, is a good time to indulge in Jersey’s best restaurants.