Photo Credit: Mariano Mantel

Switzerland Taxis and Car Rental

Switzerland has an excellent road network, so exploring the country by car is an easy option. All major Swiss cities have radio taxis that can be found outside the major hotels. In Zurich, you can call Taxi 444 (+41-444-444-444), Taxi Phone (+41-22-33-141-33) in Geneva and Taxi Schaller (+41-27-967-12-12) in Zermatt. Visitors should be aware that cabs are reasonably priced for short distances, but are not recommended for extended journeys.

Many visitors choose to rent a car here, simply because there are so many nature sites worth seeing that are off-the-beaten path and driving is a convenient option. There is nothing like cruising along some of the beautiful mountain passes that run throughout Switzerland. Car rental is readily available at all major airports, as well as in big citie and the best deals can be found by booking ahead. You should note that Zermatt is a "car-free zone" so the train is the best way to get there.

Switzerland Trains and Buses

Switzerland is known for its excellent public transportation, which is a good way to explore the cities, and also the cheapest and safest option. Whether within cities or inter-city, excellent connections are available by tram, train and bus. To save money, visitors should consider buying one of the many travel passes, such as the Z-pass, Swiss Pass or NetzPass. Most believe the S-Bahn (tram) to be the most convenient option, as the network is easy to understand and reaches most parts of the city. Zurich also has river buses and lake boats.

Geneva offers free daily travel passes to visitors, so make sure to get one when you arrive. There are trams and buses that provide connections throughout the city, and there is also a boat service on Lake Geneva. Visitors can pickup the free travel card from their hotel.

Zermatt is a car-free town, so transportation options include taxis and buses or walking to explore. The best option is the electric bus, whose fares are included in a ski pass. Access to Zermatt is best done by train.

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