Lanzarote is a festive island, much like the other specks of land that make up the Canary Island chain. Almost every month there is something to enjoy on the streets, parks, and community centers. The biggest Lanzarote holiday by far is Carnaval, one of the most renowned outside of Rio de Janeiro. In November, the Lanzarote Marathon attracts thousands of visitors to the island, making it the center of athletic prowess.

Three Wise Men Festival

Held during the month of January usually on the 5th or 6th, the Three Wise Men Festival celebrates the coming of these individuals upon Jesus’ birth. The best place to rejoice is in the capital where camel drawn processions and parade are held. Puerto del Carmen is another spot that holds a colorful procession after the main event in Arrecife.


Held in mid-February, Carnaval is the brightest and best festival on the Lanzarote. Puerto del Carmen is the center of the celebration with brilliant floats, parades, performances, dances, and more. Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca have their own events too.

Canarian Day

On May 30th, the Canary Islands celebrate their autonomy from Spain, which was first granted in 1983. Across the archipelago, major events are held in almost every city and town. Much of the limelight surrounds traditional culture such as Canarian wrestling, folklore music and traditional feasts of cuisine.

Corpus Christi

Like other celebrations on the island, Corpus Christi is mainly held in the capital, Arrecife. The actual date of the event changes every year, but usually takes place in mid-June. For one day, beautiful decorated blankets of sea salt are created along the road to the Church of San Gines in Lanzarote.

St John’s Day

Outdoor concerts and island-wide parties are celebrated on St John’s Day in honor of the Summer Solstice. Held in late June, this event celebrates the history and traditions of the island with amazing bonfires, fireworks displays and plenty of dancing.

International Jazz Festival

Held throughout the Canary Islands, the International Jazz Festival brings together a large number of jazz enthusiasts, local jazz musicians, and internationally renowned players to Teguise in Lanzarote. The event is held in July, so visitors are guaranteed great weather and great music.

Festival of San Gines

Lanzarote’s patron saint is the center of the week-long Festival of San Gines, one of the most respected and anticipated events on the calendar. The smaller towns and villages get into the swing of things, but Arrecife, Puerto del Carmen and Teguise are among the larger destinations that host incredible celebrations in August.

Lanzarote Marathon

Held annually in late November, the Lanzarote Marathon is one of the Canary Islands’ best known sports events. Spectators and runners from across the region flock to the sunny shores of Arrecife to take part in the race.