Photo Credit: Markus Trienke

The favorable weather in the Balearic Islands combined with its beautiful coastlines is one of the key reasons the region has become so popular with tourists across the world. In general, the climate in the Balearic Islands ranges between warm to mild in winter and hot and sunny in summer, with the peak of the sunshine in July and August coinciding with the peak of the European school summer holiday and tourist season. Almost 11 hours of sunshine are the daily average for these two months and, even in the winter months of November, December, and January, visitors can expect sunshine and mild temperatures on most days.

Daytime temperatures peak in the months of July and August around 82°F (28°C), with a night-time drop to around 38°F (4°C). In the winter months, the mercury rarely drops below 57°F (14°C), and the spring months of March, April and May see average temperatures around 64°F (18°C), as do October and November. September and June temperatures are a few degrees less than the summer highs.

The wettest months are October, November, and December, with little rain falling in July and August. Summer storms are rare, although cloud cover in mountainous regions brings more rain than on the coastlines, and overall temperatures are cooler due to the altitude.

Best Time to Visit the Balearic Islands

While the best time to visit the Balearic Islands for clubbers is undoubtedly the summer season, the diverse attractions and pleasant climate make the region a great year-round destination. Many holidaymakers intent on sightseeing rather than beach lounging or partying hopping are happy to arrive in the cooler months, as are sports and golf enthusiasts. Shopping and dining are fun all year round, and many of the most vibrant festivals occur in the shoulder seasons. Christmas and New Year celebrations are very special occasions, and draw a large number of visitors. The high summer season, Easter, and the festive season see increases in room rates across the islands, but at less busy times good discounts can be had.

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