Luxembourg Taxis and Car Rental

Taxi service tends to run only to and from the main airport, just outside Luxembourg City, rather than longer trips around town. Due to the compact size of the capital, taxis are unnecessary for getting around and are fairly expensive. They are, however, available through Alo Taxi (+352-691-72-51-71) and Aal Zentral Taxi Discount Service (+352-691-15-96-00) should your feet need a rest.

Although car rental can be fairly expensive, Luxembourg has some of Europe’s cheapest gas prices. There are a number of local firms in Luxembourg City which provide vehicle rental, in addition to international companies such as Avis and Europcar, which have desks at Luxembourg-Findel International Airport.

The speed limit on motorways is 75nmph and cars drive on the right hand side. While an international driving license is not required, make sure to carry your national license with you at all times when on the road.

Luxembourg Trains and Buses

Luxembourg City’s bus service is the capital’s only form of public transport and is both reliable and relatively inexpensive. Numerous routes cover the city’s main areas, while inter-town services run regularly and are fairly dependable.

The country’s rail service is comprehensive considering its size, connecting Luxembourg City with many smaller towns and villages, in addition to cities in neighboring countries. The north-south line connects many popular destinations and the carriages are comfortable with both first and second class unlimited day tickets available. The network doesn’t cover the capital city; however, this isn’t a problem, as most places are easily accessed on foot or by bus. If you plan on traveling extensively via rail, a Luxembourg Card can save some money. It provides free access to all of the country’s public transport and more than 40 tourist attractions. Alternatively, the unlimited day pass, known as billet reseau, allows you to travel by both bus and train.

Luxembourg Bicycles

The flat landscape of Luxembourg City and surrounding hilly countryside make the country ideal for both leisurely cycling and mountain biking. Some of the capital’s roads have cycle paths, in addition to routes along the River Sure and Moselle River.