Luxembourg fuses the hearty portions found in Germany with a hint of Franco-Belgian chic in its tasty cuisine to serve up some fantastic dishes including the national favorite, judd mat gaardebounen, smoked pork, potatoes, and beans in a rich cream sauce, and an abundance of other pork-based dishes. Like neighboring nations, Luxembourg produces some of the region’s finest wines, especially sparkling, in addition to a few great local beers, such as Grand Cru and Gamorinus. The capital is home to some exquisite albeit pricey restaurants, but mid-range home cooking joints are also relatively common along the sleepy streets.

Bars and Pubbing in Luxembourg

Unlike its EU counterparts, Luxembourg City tends to be peaceful after dark, with many preferring the Old Town’s relaxed bars and cafés for a glass of bubbly or two. Urban Bar (2, Rue de la Boucherie, Old Town, Luxembourg City) has gained a reputation as one of the area’s hippest spots to catch up and grab a beverage, while the nearby Vinoteca (6, Rue Wiltheim, Old Town, Luxembourg City) has one of the city’s top wine collections.

There are some livelier bars in the Old Town that accommodate a young crowd and large expatriate scene. The token British bar, Tube (8, Rue Sigefroi, Luxembourg City), is popular with the local and international crowd, and shows most major sporting events. If you want to continue the party late into the evening, head to Apoteca (12, Rue de la Boucherie, Luxembourg City), an underground dancehall which stays open until the wee hours of the morning on weekends.

Although most drinking and dining venues are situated in the Old Town area, there a few good spots in Luxembourg City’s Grund area. Scott’s Pub (4, Rue Bisserweg, Grund, Luxembourg City) is a popular hangout and a great place to start an evening with reasonably priced drinks. One of the city’s most prestigious nightclubs is also located nearby in Clausen. Melusina (14, Rue de la Tour Jacob, Clausen, Luxembourg City) has a cover charge, but the caliber of the DJs more than accommodates for the fee.

Dining and Cuisine in Luxembourg

One of the country’s biggest selling points, the local cuisine in Luxembourg is top notch and on the pricy side. The Old Town in the capital is home to some of the finer establishments, including Clairefontaine (9, Place de Clairefontaine, Old Town, Luxembourg City), which serves up an array of fantastic dishes. For a more casual dining experience, head to Cafe Am Musee (14, Rue du St Esprit, Old Town, Luxembourg CIty), next to the Luxembourg City History Museum. It offers stunning views over the valley below in addition to good quality food.

Some of the city’s heartiest meals are found across the city at Cantine Mousel (46, Montee de Clausen, Luxembourg City) where you can devour a Luxembourg classic, mussels. For a slice of Iberian cuisine, check out the nearby Chez Bacano (59, Rue de Clausen, Luxembourg City) and indulge in some first class steaks and tasty vinho verde wine.

Outside the city center, a handful of fine restaurants can be found, including the elegant L’Agath (274, Route de Thionville, Howald, Hesperange), locally renowned for its sublime, but costly wines, and the regionally acclaimed Au Quai de la Gare (13, Place de la Gare, Luxembourg City), which proudly serves local produce, with offal a favorite on the menu.