One of the biggest draws to Luxembourg is its exquisite, unspoiled scenery and majestic, fairytale castles like Chateau Vianden and Chateau de Bourscheid. Within the grandiose capital, Luxembourg City, there’s a seemingly endless collection of fascinating museums, impressive architecture, and bustling street markets complete with cosmopolitan café-bars and art galleries. A number of attractions outside the city also provide great excursions for daytrips.

Animal Park

Located in the Ardennes region on the banks of Messancy River, Animal Park is an enthralling day for the whole family. Experience native species of wild boar, deer, and fowl in their natural habitat, while taking in the fantastic surroundings. The park’s various attractions can keep guests entertained for hours and are a good excuse for leaving the charming capital for a while. Phone: n/a Address: Ardennes region Website: n/a

Chateau de Bourscheid

Situated in northeastern Luxembourg near the village of Bourscheid, the magnificent 1,000-year old castle towering 150 meters above the River Sure provide spectacular panoramas of the surrounding landscape. This imposing monument has been extended and altered on numerous occasions, primarily in the 15th century, and although it was almost demolished in the late 1800’s, Chateau de Bourscheid is now a protected building and welcomes visitors year-round. Phone: +352-99-05-70 Address: Bourscheid Website: n/a

Palais Grand-Ducal

As grand in the name suggests, Luxembourg City’s Palais Grand-Ducal was initially constructed during the Spanish occupation in the 1570’s. For centuries, it acted as the residence of royals; however, these days, the impressive Moorish-style palace is used for official functions and houses the offices of the Grand Duke and staff. The facility is only open during the summer months and with only 40 tickets per tour available, it’s best to book a couple days in advance. Phone: +352-22-28-09 Address: Rue du Marche-aux-Herbes, Luxembourg City Website:

Bock Casemates

These amazing underground galleries are Luxembourg’s top tourist attraction and recently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Originally the site of the Castle of Lucilinburhuc constructed in 963 AD, the Bock has been home to the fortresses of many armies, but it wasn’t until 1744 that the casemates were enlarged to their current size. Throughout their existence, the tunnels have housed slaughterhouses, bakeries, and living quarters, while in WWII they were used as bomb shelters. The galleries are open to the public from March to October. Phone: +352-22-28-09 Address: Montee de Clausen Clausen Website: n/a

St Martin’s Winery

Established after WWI by a group of enthusiastic wine-makers, St Martin’s Winery is located in the heart of the country’s grape producing region in Remich. Buried underground in large caves, the winery uses century-old methods to produce sparkling vinos. Each bottle is hand turned in a process similar of that used to make champagne. The guided tour gives you insight into how all sparkling wines were once produced and if you’re lucky, there may even be some samples along the way! Phone: +352-23-69-97-74 Address: 53 Route de Stadtbredimus Website:

Luxembourg City History Museum

Located in the center of the city’s old town district, this impressive museum tells the 1,000-year story of one of Europe’s most intriguing capitals through fascinating artifacts and exhibitions. Opened in 1996, the multi-story townhouse reserves space for temporary exhibitions on the upper floors, which are always worth checking out. Phone: +352-47-96-30-61 Address: Rue du St Espirit, Luxembourg City Website:

Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art

This fascinating building constructed by world-renowned architect and mastermind behind the Louvre, IM Ming Pei, is Luxembourg City’s modern art museum. Highly-regarded throughout Europe for its groundbreaking exhibitions, the Grand Duke was opened in 2006 at a cost around US $100 million. It features a permanent collection of work from some of contemporary art’s greatest contributors including Andy Warhol and Bruce Nauman. Phone: +352-45-37-85-22 Address: Parc Dral Eechelen Clausen Website:

US Military Cemetery

A somber memorial to the fallen American soldiers from WWII’s liberation of Luxembourg, more than 5,000 bodies are laid to rest in the moving graveyard on the outskirts of the capital city. Most of the soldiers buried here lost their lives in the Battle of the Ardennes and a detailed history of the tragic events which occurred between 1944 and 1945 is on display on the cemetery’s large walls. Phone: n/a Address: East of Luxembourg City Website: n/a

National Museum of History and Art

Another fantastic state-of-the-art museum located in Luxembourg City’s old quarter, the modernist facility is divided into three levels. Situated underground and accessed via a glass elevator, the museum features an exhibition boasting Gallo-Roman artifacts and an impressive collection of works by famous local expressionist Joseph Kutter. On the top floor, you can see a variety of pieces dating back to the 13th century. Phone: +352-47-93-301 Address: Marche-aux-Poissons, Luxembourg City Website: