Latvia is part of the Schengen Agreement, which means visitors from the United States and many other non-European, Western countries do not need a visa to enter for stays of up to 90 days. Visit the US government site for more details.

Health and Safety

Latvia is a relatively safe place when it comes to crime and hassle-free travel. However, if exploring the larger cities like Riga, be aware of pickpockets in the heavily tourist areas. In addition, scamming travelers has become more common lately, especially in the mafia-run nightclubs and pubs. Try to stay away from anywhere that has a sketchy reputation.

Like other Baltic countries, Latvia’s roads are often congested. This makes traffic accidents a common occurrence throughout the year. If driving in the winter months, take extra precautions on the snow and ice.

Wild animals are not a major threat in Latvia, but if you get bit by a dog seek medical attention immediately as the rabies virus is often carried by canines in Europe. The European Death Adder is the only venomous snake in the country so if you come into contact with one head straight to the hospital.