Latvia Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are available in the larger cities like Riga, Daugavils, and Liepaja through a range of companies. Usually rates are quite high, although they are still lower than most other Western European countries. Vartaja Taxi (+371-6348-8888) is a reputable company providing service in Leipaja, while SIA Taxis (+371-6739-2299) is the go to in Riga. Be careful of scams where drivers take you a longer route. Having a map handy is always helpful.

Car rental is a good option for travelers, as there are plenty of international companies to choose from in Riga and the airport. Always remember to drive with headlights on, and use snow tires or chains when driving in winter.

Latvia Water Taxis

Getting into Latvia is possible via ferry from other Northern European countries Tallink services passengers between Stockholm and Riga. Muller Baltic provides routes between Riga and Karlshamn, while DFDS Lisco travels between Germany and Latvia across the Baltic Sea. From the capital, it is also possible to travel to the city of Jurmala by boat.

Latvia Trains and Buses

Latvia’s largest conurbations have great bus networks running through the cities and Riga has trams and trolleys too. Tickets are usually cheap, and buses can generally reach the entire city. Unfortunately, connections between rail and bus stations are not comprehensive.

TT Transcom is one of the more reliable coach operators in Latvia. Book your tickets in advance though because buses get exceptionally crowded on Friday nights, Sunday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Train transportation is recommended due to its timing, cost and convenience. Trains connect cities like Riga, Jurmala, Jelgava, Cesis and Segulda. Buying tickets in advance is recommended, especially for weekend travel on short notice.