Riga International Airport

Riga International Airport is not only the gateway into Latvia, it is also the busiest airport in the Baltic Region. Overall, the airport connects to 30 different countries and more than 80 cities worldwide, carrying over five million passengers a year. AirBaltic and SmartLynx Airlines use the facility as a hub, although Ryanair also provide dozens of connections between Riga and other European or United Kingdom destinations. US travelers can fly directly into Riga via Uzbekistan Airways, which travels from New York-JFK Abefore making its way to Tashkent. Alternatively, connections can be made through Frankfurt, London, or Barcelona. The route from Riga to London is the busiest in the Baltic skies, carrying more than 400,000 people each year.

The terminal at Riga International Airport is divided into Shengen and non-Schengen travelers, as Latvia is a Schengen country. ATU Duty Free shops are found in the departures area of the terminal offering tax-reduced items. Restaurants and cafés are located both before and after security and Lido Restaurant, T.G.I Friday’s, Buffet Café, and Costa Coffee are the main food stops. Other conveniences include currency exchange, banks and airline lounges.

Highway P133 leads to the airport so passengers with a car can reach the facility with ease, and keep it stored safely in long-term or short-term parking lots. Three separate taxi companies operate from the arrivals exit. There is also an inexpensive bus that runs from downtown to the airport.

Liepaja International Airport

Although much smaller than Riga, Liepaja International Airport is still an important gateway into Latvia. The airport mostly serves regional flights to cities like Moscow, which reside close to the Baltic region. Flights to Hamburg and Copenhagen are also regular flying patterns, but domestic flights are no longer operational anywhere in Latvia. Although taxis are available, the easiest way to get to nearby landmarks is by bus 12 which runs from the airport to downtown.